Supporting beyondblue

Since 2007, the Farm to Pub has been a fundraiser (and more importantly has aimed to raise awareness) for beyondblue, an organisation who help those battling depression.

Money has been raised through entry fees and raffles, with all proceeds being donated to beyondblue (to thank entrants for their generosity we have given them showbags from sponsors’ products). As well as this, we have had many wonderful raffle items donated.

From 2018, raffle proceeds will exclusively support beyondblue, while all other proceeds, including entry fees, will support the Willaura Recreation Reserve and other local community groups.

Through these efforts we’ve raised nearly $34,000 and hope to make that close to $40,000 after the 2013 event.

Anyone with further fundraising ideas, companies willing to contribute in any way, shape or form please email (