Sunday 20th February, 2005

Conditions – ideal

16.4km Farm to Pub

01Chris Hosking1411:37:00 AM10:18:00 AM10:36:00 AM10:57:05 AM11:11:00 AM79:000204:49
02Amy Peel2211:42:00 AM05:0010:10:00 AM10:31:00 AM10:57:03 AM11:13:30 AM92:000505:37
30Tony Brady2411:44:00 AM07:0010:08:00 AM10:29:00 AM10:55:40 AM11:13:00 AM96:000805:51
04Gerald McCarthy511:45:00 AM08:0010:27:00 AM10:44:00 AM11:05:45 AM11:18:30 AM78:000104:45
05Kristan Brewis2211:45:30 AM08:3010:10:00 AM10:31:00 AM10:57:03 AM11:15:00 AM95:300705:49
06Lynden Brewis311:52:30 AM15:3010:29:00 AM10:47:00 AM11:10:10 AM11:25:00 AM83:300405:05
07James OlleScratch11:53:00 AM16:0010:32:00 AM10:49:00 AM11:10:52 AM11:25:30 AM81:000304:56
08David Brady1911:53:00 AM16:0010:13:00 AM10:33:00 AM11:00:15 AM11:18:00 AM100:000906:06
09Philip Joyce1111:55:00 AM18:0010:21:00 AM10:42:00 AM11:06:47 AM11:24:00 AM94:000605:44
10Damien Joyce2111:59:00 AM22:0010:11:00 AM10:32:00 AM10:56:50 AM11:16:30 AM108:001006:35

8.2km Half Farm to Pub

1Quentin Cook1611:36:00 AM10:54:00 AM11:09:00 AM42:00205:07
2Janine Turville2011:39:00 AM03:0010:50:00 AM11:07:00 AM49:00305:59
3Juliana McCarthy2011:43:00 AM07:0010:50:00 AM11:08:00 AM53:00506:28
4Brett McKinnis1611:46:30 AM10:3010:54:00 AM11:10:00 AM52:30406:24
5Julian NormanScratch11:51:00 AM15:0011:10:00 AM11:23:00 AM41:00105:00

16.4km Farm to Pub Ride

1Gerard McAloonScratch11:59:00 AM10:57:00 AM11:10:00 AM11:26:00 AM11:36:00 AM62:00103:47
2Dominic McCarthy1611:59:00 AM00:0010:43:00 AM11:01:00 AM11:30:10 AM11:37:00 AM76:00204:38
3Butch Turville1611:59:00 AM00:0010:43:00 AM11:01:00 AM11:30:10 AM11:40:00 AM76:00204:38
4Josh Turville16DNF10:43:00 AM11:01:00 AM11:30:10 AMDNFDNF

– Josh was unable to complete the course after a fall

8.2km Half Farm to Pub Ride

1Nick ThomasSCR11:41:00 AM11:06:00 AM11:18:00 AM35:00104:16
2Patrick McCarthySCR11:41:00 AM00:0011:06:00 AM11:18:30 AM35:00104:16
3Michael ThomasSCR11:41:00 AM00:0011:06:00 AM11:21:00 AM35:00104:16
4Karen ThomasSCR11:41:00 AM00:0011:06:00 AM11:21:00 AM35:00104:16
5Tom CookSCR11:06:00 AM

– Tom was unable to complete the course after a fall

TR= Time Rank
## Due to admin error Julian started at 11.10am, instead of 11.01am as he should have.
– Regrettable mistake by the organisers, the “Norman Incident”….thanks to Jules who took it well