A Successful Return to Sandy Lane

By Heather Fleming

In 2017, the Willaura Farm to Pub returned to the famous Sandy Lane. Nearly 200 people took part and organisers were pleased with the large numbers who rode, ran and walked.

A strong southerly wind made the going tough, but lower temperatures than in previous years and the glorious sunshine provided some relief.

From its humble beginnings in 2003 as a challenge between the extended Joyce families, the event has developed into a widely-supported community event and fundraiser for beyondblue.

The addition of live music and a free jumping castle at the pub made the day one for the whole family.

Raffle winners were: Juliana McCarthy, David Staehr, Julie Frawly, Greg Joyce, Paul Burn, Ash Pittard and Tiffany Jade.

The organisers would like to thank all those hardy participants who turned out on the day to enter the various events. Well done to all of you for being prepared to come to Willaura to get a bit of exercise and be part of the competition. Thanks also to the many volunteers who supported them on the sidelines at drink stations, first aid posts, registration tables, raffle stands, and of course the finish line.

A number of volunteers also worked behind the scenes in the months and weeks leading up to the day to ensure the event was run efficiently and safely. Their roles included publicity, online registrations, the Facebook page, handicapping, signage, and all the administration work that is needed these days.

Organisers are also grateful to our sponsors and raffle prize donors.

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16.4 km Run Handicap

1st Timothy Barr – 95.32 (Actual time – 92.22)

2nd Michael Brasher – 95.34 (Actual time – 73.54)

3rd Byron Smith – 97.43 (Actual time – 67.43)


16.4 km Run Fastest Times

1st David Staehr – 61.56

2nd Byron Smith – 67.43

3rd Jake Clark – 70.55


8.2 km Run Handicap

1st Tanya Beechinoir – 51.23 (Actual time – 45.13) 

2nd Sean Beechinoir – 51.24 (Actual time – 45.14)

3rd Jenny Woods – 53.05 (Actual time – 52.55)


8.2 km Run Fastest Times

1st Fraser Heard – 35.50  

2nd Sean McDougall – 37.54

3rd Simon Gallagher – 38.51


16.4 km Ride Handicap

1st Greg Joyce – 69.30 (Actual time – 54.30)

2nd Sophie Joyce – 76.57 (Actual time – 61.47)

3rd Ron Kelly – 80.34 (Actual time – 45.34)


16.4 km Bike Ride Fastest Times

1st Ron Kelly – 45.34

2nd Greg Joyce – 54.30

3rd David Breed – 55.10

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