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Our regular Farm to Pub scribe, “The Protagonist”, is at it again in 2012….

Letters to the Editor
The hot button issue for letter writers this week has been our article of last week ‘Sandy Lane ownership in dispute’. To recap the article looked at competing claims to ownership of Sandy Lane. John Walsh was thought by some to ‘own’ Sandy Lane, both David Staehr & Stewart Talbot had supporters and in uncharacteristic fruity language Gerald McCarthy described Sandy Lane as his ‘b…ch’*.
*McCarthy later clarified that he had said Sandy Lane was part of his batch, he though of it as an extension of his family.
I wish to address the inaccuracies of the article re ‘Sandy Lane ownership in dispute’. I expected nothing less than that pinko drivel from your fish’n’chip paper rag (I don’t know why I am trying to buy you out!). I am the owner of Sandy Lane, it was left to me by Papa, in perpetuity, along with 3.5% royalty from all ‘farm2pub’ revenue. It was left to me and me alone and for me to pass onto my children at my discretion, if they are good little girls and boy.
G. Rinehart, Perth
What she said.
A. Bolt, Herald-Sun building, Southbank
To think that Tony said we don’t need the tent Embassy anymore. Your article re ‘Sandy Lane ownership in dispute’ shows just how far we still have to go. The traditional owners of Sandy Lane continue to be the WillauGurindji people. The elders have passed the story on from thousands of years ago, that up on the Brambuk Ridge escapement at Gariwerd the big serpent was seen to rise out of Mt William swamp and travel to Lake Buninjon for breeding season and in doing so Sandy Lane was created.
Aunty Joy Fivepossumpelts, Birrong Marr
When are you people going to check your facts. Once again I have to set the record straight for journalists who can’t do their job properly.For the record I never claimed to own Sandy Lane. I didn’t meet Sandy Lane, I didn’t greet Sandy Lane and I didn’t Tweet Sandy Lane (ha ha … bowled Shane!). This issue has caused unnecessary hardship between Elizabeth and myself. And I swear on my birch muesli I never showed Sandy Lane my flipper.
S. Warne, Brighton
It pains me to have this matter in the public domain again, so many painful memory for me. I was left 25% of Sandy Lane by Langley George as a measure of his gratitude. When I spend all time treating his bunions and emptying chamber pot Langley George say to me that one day some of Sandy Lane  be mine. Now that woman take from me and I not have money for lawyer to fight anymore. Love you long time.
R. Porteous, Toorak
Who does Gerald McCarthy think he is with his sense of entitlement re Sandy Lane? When it is 28 degress or warmer Sandy Lane is everyone’s b..ch!
C. Hosking, Brunswick
I don’t wish to add to the mindless speculation but I once again state I am the owner of Sandy Lane. I have been the owner of Sandy Lane for over 18 months now and I will continue to be the owner of Sandy Lane; doing my best with it in the interests of working families moving forward. I don’t know why this issue keeps being raised. Rob Oakeshott supports me as the owner of Sandy Lane and so does Tony Windsor. Andrew Willkie is equivocal about my ownership but hasn’t proposed an alternative owner. Penny & Albo certainly continue to support my ownership claims to Sandy Lane. If anyone wants to try and take Sandy Lane from me I say ‘bring it on’.
Julia, Canberra
I’ve got no comments to make on the matter of ownership of Sandy Lane. I’m not the owner of Sandy Lane and I accept that. I am a very happy little vegemite not being the owner of Sandy Lane. Therese and Jasper are content not having Sandy Lane in our lives. I have a very busy and fulfilling role and have never given regaining ownership of Sandy Lane another thought since relinquishing it. That’s all peeps, I have to lickety split.
Kevin, Brissy via Canberra via sorting out the Middle East via saving the Gorillas in Borneo via lifting numeracy and literacy rates in Cambodia via putting my finger in the dyke of the Euro Debt crisis via delivering keynote speech at the UNESCO conference in Madrid via …
Ah … mmm … yes … let me say this. I am offering myself to the people as the alternative owner of Sandy Lane. The other side don’t know how to manage Sandy Lane; they have no legitimacy as the owners of Sandy Lane. I state that times run in the ‘farm2pub’ on Sandy Lane will always be quicker under my ownership. And I refute the scare campaign that I would make the wearing of budgie smugglers a requirement for runners on Sandy Lane.
Tony, Canberra

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