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With thanks to the Protagonist!…

Those of you that follow the news & current affairs would be well familiar with WikiLeaks, whereby various classified documents such as diplomatic cables have been leaked and placed online.

And it would be no surprise to any of our readers that Farm to Pub was mentioned in dispatches. Here is just one example:


Monday Feb 22, 2010
Classification: Top Secret / Urgent

From: British High Commissioner to Australia, Melbourne.
To: Department of Foreign Affairs, Downing St, London.

I was out driving on the Saturday just gone, sight seeing in the renowned Western District of Victoria. I was taking in the scenery when I happened upon an ‘event’, the nature of which I am still struggling to comprehend.

In the township of Willaura there was a gathering of people of assorted ages (and body shapes), milling about and doing what I would otherwise describe as loitering with intent. Shortly they climbed aboard a bus and departed the scene. Intrigued by this I took chase. The travelled 8.2km out of town, travelled up an unsealed god forsaken track and then the bus stopped and a portion of people alighted from the bus.

The bus then proceeds for another 8.2km and came to a stop at a farm house. The remainder of the occupants hopped of the bus and joined a throng of others already in attendance. There were numerous vehicles and other transport such as bikes.

In the main they were dressed for physical activity; there was much stretching and limbering up. There was bottled water, energy drinks, lollies, glucose gels and other items of sustenance. There was an air of anticipation and a not so quiet hum of intent and action.

Thereafter the assembled mob made their way back into town, setting of at intervals. At the conclusion there was intake of refreshments and various congratulations and commiserations issued re the individual performances. There was also much earnest discussion; people were heard to mutter things such as ‘this has to stop’, ‘never again’ and ‘there has to be change’.

Proceedings continued on well into the night.  Obviously there was a physical workout aspect to the event., alog with a gathering of like midned people – but for what purpose? I truly am at a loss to say what it was I had encountered. The whole event was part Chariots of Fire, part On the Buses and part Carry on up the Khyber.

I don’t want to be an alarmist but I may have stumbled across something significant here with Geo-Political ramifications. Perhaps the dawn of a breakaway secessionist republican movement or the early rumblings of an uprising by the awkward and unusual combination of the rural proletariat linking with the sustenance farmers /agrarian socialists. I am not sure of the origins of it – whether it is a purely locally driven dynamic. But we can’t be too careful; maybe the Chinese are behind it and funding it? Or perhaps it’s being pushed by Chazez and the Venezuelan oil dollars? For now at least I believe it is a situation that requires monitoring.

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