’10 F2P – Classifieds


Some sports apparel; shorts / top / and those things you wear on your feet (runners / sports shoes?)preferably tailored (bespoke even), black & European (Lacoste perhaps ?) receipts will be required, see NickBush@Farm2Pub


at 2009 Farm2Pub; several litres of sweat, slightly soiled, somewhere between the 70m mark and the finishing line. see DamienJoyce@Farm2Pub


at 2009 Farm2Pub; an agreeable handicap, some ticker & a full tank of oxygen.They are all very nice and I’m sure someone must be missing them, happy to see them back with rightful owner. see DamienMcAloon@Farm2Pub    


A finishing burst and some more horsepower from Yarram Gap Rd onwards.Just the final piece needed to complete the set.Can pay in chickpeas or barley. see FraserHeard@Farm2Pub


at 2009 Farm2Pub; the intimidatory respect of my peers re my conquering of Sandy Lane. Don’t understand how/where exactly it was misplaced, had been a prized possession for several years. see GeraldMcCarthy@Farm2Pub   


Wandering in a dazed state in Willaura at conclusion of 2009 Farm2Pub. Seemingly well bred animal, nice chocolate coat, but looking very bedraggled when found, limping, possibly been hit by a car. Answers to ‘Handy‘. see Farm2Pub organisers


more compromising photos of the handicapper. see KristanBrewis@Farm2Pub

Are you tired ? rundown ? irritable ? feeling a general malaise?

Perhaps your suffering from PMT … Parma Meal Tension.
Relax because relief is at hand.
For those once a year Chicken Parma aficionados know that a Parma is only a few more kilometres away, waiting for you at the Willaura Hotel.
* for anyone afflicted with PPMT … Post Parma Meal Tension … please seek advice from Mick Carney

Are you (and others!) frustrated with your stamina and performance?
Do you want to get to the finish line with a burst rather that walking limply in?

Well perhaps you need XXX

i) X – get a sugar hit with some lollies at the comfort stations along the course.

ii) X – keep hydrated by partaking of some refreshing water when the opportunities present.

iii) X – keep thinking those positive thoughts. Like hitting your head against a wall it will feel better when you stop.

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