Gerald “The King” McCarthy

farmtopub 2005 035_3
Farm to Pub aficionados refer to him simply as “The King”. Whilst yet to win the title, Gerry “owned” Sandy Lane from 2003-2006. He held the race-record and was a model of consistency. However as age takes it’s toll and we’ve had the hot conditions in 2007-2008, he’s been knocked from his throne by Tim Brady.

In 2009 was harshly treated by the handicapper who marked him on past deeds, not present form. In 2010 he came oh so close, finishing 2nd.

The King marches on, seeking the crown he deserves.

A much respected and revered figure on Sandy Lane.


2003: 2nd, 78 mins (quickest time)

2005: 4th, 78 mins (quickest time)

2006: 7th, 79:55 (3rd quickest time)

2007: 9th, 102:15 (7th quickest time)

2008: 8th, 89:27 (8th quickest time)

2009: 28th, 95:24 (24th quickest time)

2010: 2nd, 81:52 (12th quickest time)

2011: 18th, 75:18 (9th quickest time)

2012: 23rd, 78:46 (11th quickest time)

2013: 21st, 87:15 (12th quickest time)

2014: 27th, 90:15 (17th quickest time)

2015: 16th, 90.01 (17th quickest time)

2016: 2nd, 88.17 (12th quickest time)

2017: ???

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